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Get Prepared: Things To Know & Do

Remodeling Success


Communication Is Key
Consistent communication is critical in every relationship.  Our team is eager to answer your questions.  Our job is to take you through the entire scope of work, step-by-step.  We are happy to explain why we are doing something, or let you know how changing something midway affects the rest of the project.  Tip: By talking through things early on, we can usually reduce the issues that stems from a lack of communication.

It's Gonna Get DIRTY
We have the expectation that our crew cleans up when the workday's done, but you'll most likely still feel and see the remnants of our day.  Dust, materials, and other construction debris are unavoidable.  Drywall work and tiling create lots of fine dust that will resettle even after it's cleaned.  Tip:  If the dust is something that really bothers you, talk with us about it.  An extra cost, we have a few different options to help clear the air.  It's important to understand that these options to help clear the air.  It's important to understand that these option are not foolproof.  There will still be some dust and debris, but these steps can help lessen the extremity.

Some Commotion Is Inevitable
Construction is disruptive.  Construction is noisy.  Keep in mind the sound of tools banging and people talking will be intrusive and distracting to your daily routines.  Unfortunately, there's no way around it.  Tip: If you work from home, you may want to plan to go elsewhere to focus during the lifecycle of our project.  If you have children, outings can also be helpful.

Material Choices & Other Decisions
It can seem like there are endless questions and choices, from what materials you want to the location of a power sure you get what you want, so we will look to you for clear directions.  Of course, we are happy to shore information or guidance - again, communication is a big part of our job.  Tip: Choose what you really love up front.  It's usually worth it to spend the money on the things that make the space uniquely yours.  If you opt for something you're not crazy about just to save a few dollars, you might regret it later.

It Takes Time & Money to Remodel
Take a deep breath and do some homework.  We recognize that time and money are precious, but cheaper isn't always better.  Be aware of warranty, and what is (or is not) included.  Affordable doesn't mean you're getting the best deal or high-quality workmanship.  Keep in mind that most renovations are an investment into your home's value and your family's quality of life.  It helps to be realistic early on about how much a project "should" cost.  Most often in construction, you get what you pay for.  Remember, there is a big difference between getting a fair price and wasting your money on a shoddy remodel.  Tip:  Once a job stars and progress is visible, homeowners often get excited and want to add new ideas to the current project scope.  As professionals we strive for accurate estimates.  However, changes midway through a project almost always lead to more time and money, requiring a Change Order.

Change to the Timeline
Inclement weather, illnesses, material malfunctions, hidden structural issues, changes to the original project scope, and a variety of other unexpected issues will inevitably extend the timeline.  As much as we would live to stick exactly to the original scope and estimate, real life usually comes with a few unexpected surprises.  Our smoothest projects are those with clients who are resilient, prepared for change, and have consistent communication. Tip:  Tack on a reserve for the timeline, just in case the unexpected happens.

Surprises (Not the Good Kind)
We might face any number of unwanted surprises together.  We've had to deal with unknown situations, from changing city permit and code compliance requirement to leaky plumbing and dangerous wiring behind the walls.  Tip:  As the old adage says, "hope for the best but plan for the worst."  It can ease stress if you've already considered the possibility of unwanted situations with added costs.  Creating a contingency budget of 10% is a good rule of thumb.  If you don't need it, you've just saved for your next vacation!

A Rollercoaster of Highs & Lows
The remodeling process is exhilarating, terrifying, exciting, stressful, but most of all, well worth it.  You'll most likely run the gamut of emotions as you have people swarming about and disrupting your nest.  We do everything we can to reduce the stress and prepare for the unexpected.  Tip:  Just remember, it's all temporary!  The roller coaster ride will come to a stop.  Life will return to normal, and you will love your beautiful "new" home!

The Final Details
Before we can say, "it's finished," you'll most likely need to check off a few last items.  We all hope everything comes in on time and intact, but you may have a few stragglers on the punch list.  A punch list is a list of final items that need attention before was can consider the project complete.  Tip:  Pay attention to detail.  Items on a punch list are often things like touch ups, minor repairs, or fine-tuning.

Time to Celebrate!
Show off and enjoy the results of your home improvement project!  Tip:  Throwing a party is the perfect way to celebrate the project's success with friends and family.  Let them empathize, appreciate the hard work, and see the big reveal.  It makes it all worth it, and can be a great reminder of the reasons you made the investment!

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